About Us

Our story begins in 2008 when yours truly, the founder, came to the realization that China was about to experience a boom in coffee and that we were ideally positioned to contribute to that boom due to our historical roots in roasting coffee in Austria. We found that the quality of the Austrian roasting tradition was ideally suited to the local palate, due to the coffees not being overly bitter and not too acidic but harmonious and approachable. (The "V" in V Coffee stands for Vienna).

Since then our list of wholesale clients has grown to more than four hundred satisfied clients with thousands of cups consumed each and every single day throughout China. Our satisfied customers include: Rolex, Swarovski, Beijing Aden, Nanjing Natural Eatery, Taian Table, Little Mermaid, Azul, Colca, the Bull & Claw, Cantina Agave, Odelice, the Bourbon Group, Epermarket, City Super, Cohost, the Shanghai Football Association the W Hotel Shanghai, the W Hotel Chengdu, and the St. Regis Zhuhai among many others.

Today we are a fully-licensed, full-service coffee provider but still use a traditional slow-roasting method that preserves the coffee beans' inherent flavor. Our roasting equipment is imported from Germany. Our coffees get selected from the world's best and are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse in Shanghai for the day that the magic happens. 

A huge advantage that V Coffee has over almost all of our competitors is that the coffee we roast today can be delivered in a few days or within a week or two after roasting. This means that our coffee is always fresh which makes a big difference in taste. Most of our competitors' coffee that was roasted months or even years before.

Throughout our guiding priciples have never changed. These are: 

• Roasting locally to bring out the best our coffees can offer
• Selecting only high-quality 100% Arabica coffees
• Trust and respect for our partners, suppliers and customers
• Creating products that our customers love and we love and use ourselves
• Focusing on the details of every aspect of our operation

We feel that our core purpose is to improve people's lives through great coffee. Coffee drinkers know that starting your day with a bad cup of coffee can set a terrible precedent for the whole day. A fragrant, tasty and freshly brewed cup, however, can brighten up a dreary morning.

We have a full range of coffee machines made in Switzerland and Italy, both automatic and semi-automatic models and we have engineers who can provide maintainence, and also service and repair machines.
We have baristas that can provide staff training.
We don't just sell coffee, we are a full-service coffee company.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments regarding our products, pricing, or to set up a coffee tasting!

Benjamin Knopp