Coffee Promotion @APITA雅品嘉(金虹桥店)

by Jacqueline Zhu

V COFFEE is now available at Apita supermarket. We are now doing promotion there. We will have free coffee tasting this weekend, and get 15% off as well as a free coffee passport(original price 28RMB) with the purchase of 1 bag of any V Coffee's fresh roasted gourmet coffees.

我们V COFFEE产品在雅品嘉金虹桥店超市进行促销,本周末8月13日,14日最后2天,路过可以免费品尝我们新鲜的现磨咖啡。另外促销期间所有咖啡八五折优惠,每包咖啡赠送一本免费的咖啡护照(原价28元哦)