Indonesia Mandheling


The Indonesian island of Sumatra's Blue Batak and Lake Tawar coffee beans are produced by the Banyan farmer group in Lintong. This area grows some of Indonesia's most prized arabica coffee. The farmers receive regular support and training from Volkopi’s sustainability field team to help replanting, fertilising, composting and general good farming practices to increase yields and maintain high quality standards.

The coffee itself is a beautiful jade blue, from wet hulling the parchment in the process unique to Sumatra called giling basa. Furthermore, Cofi-Com are supporting Volkopi’s HANDS OF HOPE project. For every 60kg wholesale bag purchased a donation is made to one of two foster care homes. The children have helped decorate the bags with their names and hand prints!

Tasting Notes: Sweet and malty, tobacco overtones with great length, body and grapefruit acidity

Golden Top Mandheling
Processing Method:
Wet Processed
1100 - 1300
Coffee Seed Size: