by Benjamin Knopp

Our story begins in 2008 when yours truly, the founder, came to the realization that China was about to experience a boom in coffee and that we were ideally positioned to contribute to that boom due to our historical roots in roasting coffee in Austria.

We found that the quality of the Austrian roasting tradition was ideally suited to the local palate, due to the coffees not being overly bitter not too acidic but harmonious and approachable.

Our origins are humble in that we started testing the market within Shanghai's cottage industry such as the Jiashan market outings, standing next to Amelia's and Ambrosia Dairy come rain and shine. Since then our wholesale list has grown to over three hundred satisfied clients with over ten thousand cups consumed each and every single day.

Today we are a fully-licensed, full-service coffee provider and roast our coffees on a massive 120kg Probat roaster imported from Germany. Our coffees get selected from the world's best and are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse in Shanghai for the day that the magic happens

Throughout it all our guiding priciples have never changed. These are:

  • Roasting locally to bring out the best our coffees can offer
  • Selecting only high-quality 100% Arabica coffees 
  • Trust and respect for our partners, suppliers and customers
  • Creating products that we love and use ourselves
  • Focusing on the details of every aspect of our operation

We feel that our core purpose is to improve people's lives through great coffee.

That might sound high and mighty but coffee drinkers know that starting your day with a bad cup of coffee can set a terrible precedent for the whole day. A fragrant, sweet and freshly brewed cup of Java, however, can truly lighten up a dreary morning.

In 2014 we reached another milestone with the opening of our first café in Shanghai's Times Square on Huai Hai Lu 99.

What the future will hold no one knows but I hope that you join us in our exciting and delicious journey. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.











V Coffee stakes claim to a new dimension of flavor

by Cici Chen

First there was Kopi Luwak (civet poop coffee), then there was elephant poop coffee. On April 1st V COFFEE introduces a new dimension of flavor, dolphin poop coffee. The delicate intestinal tracts of dolphins, along with the slightly alkali sea water prepare the green coffee for an optimal roasting experience. Come to our shop or order online for the taste experience of a lifetime!


咖啡界永远不缺重口味咖啡的追崇者,排名第一位的当然是猫屎咖啡, 随后大象屎咖啡也相继被咖啡爱好者们追崇。以上2款咖啡生豆的价格最近几年更是水涨船高,所谓物以稀为贵。现在我们V咖啡向大家介绍一种新口味咖啡--海豚屎咖啡。从海豚宝宝们的肠便中挑选出,伴随海盐的味道,精心烘焙,匠心之作。咖啡发烧友们想品尝下可以回味一生的咖啡味道吗?来我们的咖啡店享用该款独一无二的咖啡吧

All coffees now available for immediate delivery

by Benjamin Knopp
As of right now all our single origin coffee are not only available roasted on demand (after you order) but also ready to ship immediately (from our pre-roasted stock). Pre-roasted items are still extremely fresh and available for delivery the next day.

Free Delivery

by Benjamin Knopp
As of right now all deliveries are free of charge in Shanghai, no minimum order required!

We're On Vacation Until February 7th!

by Benjamin Knopp

We'll be back to serve you after the Spring Festival on February 7th. Thank you and enjoy the break

Caffe Primo gets 91 points at Coffee Review

by Benjamin Knopp

我们在此非常自豪地宣布,我们的明星产品-特品咖啡获得了国际咖啡品鉴权威Coffee Review高分评价91分。此款咖啡成功挤入世界顶级精品咖啡之列!您可以从我们维也娜咖啡采购此款新鲜烘焙的咖啡。

您可以在我们的网站购买此款咖啡,支持中国精品咖啡行业: http://v-coffee.com/caffe-primo.html


New Cups in Stock!

by Benjamin Knopp

We are pleased to announce new cups have arrived in our warehouse. These include stylishly designed espresso and cappuccino cups with either the Pudong or the Puxi skyline on them as well as a Mug with the Pudong skyline.

They make drinking coffee even more enjoyable and, together perhaps with a bag of our Pu'Er Yunnan coffee make a great gift for friends back home.

Find them here https://v-coffee.com/machines/accessories.html

Cash On Delivery now costs RMB 10 per order

by Benjamin Knopp

Cash On Delivery is extremely convenient. However, we have had an increasingly difficult time dealing with the hassles of COD. These include customers who forget to leave money, who are not home at a promised time and who need to change addresses in order to pay. All of this takes time, which costs us money in increased staff expenses. 

For this reason we have decided to pass on the RMB 10 that delivery companies charge us for COD onto our end users. If you would like to NOT pay this amount please sign up to PayPal, which is free, and use this to pay for your order. PayPal can then be used every time with a simple password and login combination. V. Coffee in that case does not get your payment information, we just get the payment.

This all enables us to serve our customers in the best way while keeping costs as low as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Off for spring break until February 18th!

by Benjamin Knopp

We will resume shipping on February 19th when the delivery companies start working again. Enjoy the empty streets everyone!

Roast On Demand Unavailable For Now

by Benjamin Knopp

We're starting the new year's off with some unfortunate news, those being that we are unable to offer our roast on demand service for the forseeable future. If and when we are able to bring this service back is still unknown. 

However, rest assured that all coffees are still available, are still locally roasted and are still of the utmost freshness, due to our unique packaging, high quality one-way valve and quick bagging after roasting.