by Benjamin Knopp

Our story begins in 2008 when yours truly, the founder, came to the realization that China was about to experience a boom in coffee and that we were ideally positioned to contribute to that boom due to our historical roots in roasting coffee in Austria.

We found that the quality of the Austrian roasting tradition was ideally suited to the local palate, due to the coffees not being overly bitter not too acidic but harmonious and approachable.

Our origins are humble in that we started testing the market within Shanghai's cottage industry such as the Jiashan market outings, standing next to Amelia's and Ambrosia Dairy come rain and shine. Since then our wholesale list has grown to over three hundred satisfied clients with over ten thousand cups consumed each and every single day.

Today we are a fully-licensed, full-service coffee provider and roast our coffees on a massive 120kg Probat roaster imported from Germany. Our coffees get selected from the world's best and are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse in Shanghai for the day that the magic happens

Throughout it all our guiding priciples have never changed. These are:

  • Roasting locally to bring out the best our coffees can offer
  • Selecting only high-quality 100% Arabica coffees 
  • Trust and respect for our partners, suppliers and customers
  • Creating products that we love and use ourselves
  • Focusing on the details of every aspect of our operation

We feel that our core purpose is to improve people's lives through great coffee.

That might sound high and mighty but coffee drinkers know that starting your day with a bad cup of coffee can set a terrible precedent for the whole day. A fragrant, sweet and freshly brewed cup of Java, however, can truly lighten up a dreary morning.

In 2014 we reached another milestone with the opening of our first café in Shanghai's Times Square on Huai Hai Lu 99.

What the future will hold no one knows but I hope that you join us in our exciting and delicious journey. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.











We're off for the week. Back October 8th! Happy Holidays!

by Benjamin Knopp

As most everyone in China will do, we'll be taking a break throughout the October holidays. All orders made from now through October 7th will be processed on October 8th when we return to work. Thank you.

Our best Yunnan coffee ever

by Benjamin Knopp

Our most popular coffee just got a whole lot better! This year's crop of our famous Yunnan coffee is juicy, light and complex. We love it! Get yourself a treat here

New Brazil Santos

by Benjamin Knopp

Besided our new crop of Colombian Supremo we also received a new shipment of Brazilian coffees. Nicely balanced, sweet and full bodied. Roasted a bit darker than many of our other single origin coffees. Find out more here.

2012 crop of Colombia Supremo is here and even better!

by Benjamin Knopp

Our new Colombian Supremo from the Popayan region is here! Tastier and juicier in every way. This is quickly becoming our most popular single origin coffee. Find some here.

PayPal is going crazy... again! Read here on how to place orders through PayPal.

by Benjamin Knopp

One thing that's as sure as a rainy Shanghai spring is that our website experiences problems with PayPal from time to time. Since our last security update it is doing so again, failing to convert RMB to USD and trying to overcharge you.

If you would like to place an order and pay via PayPal please place the order, select COD (Cash On Delivery) and write in the Comments box that you would like to pay via PayPal. We will then manually send you a payment request within several hours (during working days).

We hope this problem will be resolved within several days. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Guatemala Finca Don Antonio Price Reduced!

by Benjamin Knopp

Our bestselling Guatemala Finca Don Antonio's price has been reduced from RMB 85 to RMB 79 per bag. 

1kg bags are back

by Benjamin Knopp

Due to popular demand you now have the option to purchase our V. Espresso and Caffè Primo blends in 1kg bags as well, of course with delicious savings. Save even more when you purchase 5kg of either coffee (over 20%), which makes this an ideal option for a small office or teacher's lounge, for example.

We're off for two days, April 30th + May 1st

by Benjamin Knopp

We'll fulfill all orders taken during that time on Wednesday, April 2nd. Thank you for your understanding.