by Benjamin Knopp

Our story begins in 2008 when yours truly, the founder, came to the realization that China was about to experience a boom in coffee and that we were ideally positioned to contribute to that boom due to our historical roots in roasting coffee in Austria.

We found that the quality of the Austrian roasting tradition was ideally suited to the local palate, due to the coffees not being overly bitter not too acidic but harmonious and approachable.

Our origins are humble in that we started testing the market within Shanghai's cottage industry such as the Jiashan market outings, standing next to Amelia's and Ambrosia Dairy come rain and shine. Since then our wholesale list has grown to over three hundred satisfied clients with over ten thousand cups consumed each and every single day.

Today we are a fully-licensed, full-service coffee provider and roast our coffees on a massive 120kg Probat roaster imported from Germany. Our coffees get selected from the world's best and are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse in Shanghai for the day that the magic happens

Throughout it all our guiding priciples have never changed. These are:

  • Roasting locally to bring out the best our coffees can offer
  • Selecting only high-quality 100% Arabica coffees 
  • Trust and respect for our partners, suppliers and customers
  • Creating products that we love and use ourselves
  • Focusing on the details of every aspect of our operation

We feel that our core purpose is to improve people's lives through great coffee.

That might sound high and mighty but coffee drinkers know that starting your day with a bad cup of coffee can set a terrible precedent for the whole day. A fragrant, sweet and freshly brewed cup of Java, however, can truly lighten up a dreary morning.

In 2014 we reached another milestone with the opening of our first café in Shanghai's Times Square on Huai Hai Lu 99.

What the future will hold no one knows but I hope that you join us in our exciting and delicious journey. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.











Minimum order quantity for all coffees scrapped!

by Benjamin Knopp

As of right now no coffees require a 2 bag minimum order anymore, leaving you with more choice and variety for the freshest coffees possible. Furthermore we have extended quantity discounts of 5% to orders of 2 bags or more (previously 4 bags) and 10% to orders of 4 bags or more (previously 20 bags). All discounts will be applied directly when the products are added to your cart and can be combined with other discounts and coupons. 

We believe these changes will allow everyone to enjoy a larger variety of our coffees and better prices.

New Coffees Launching Next Monday, April 16th

by Benjamin Knopp

Five great new coffees will be launching next Monday, including our darkest roast ever, Baal's Brew. The others consist of two super premium coffees (Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy), then one of our most requested coffees, a Kenian AA, and finally an organic Nepalese coffee to replace our out of stock Bolivia Organic.

New Subcategories for Single Origin Coffees

by Benjamin Knopp

Please note that as of right now there are subcategories for our single origin coffees. The reason is that, with the addition of four new coffees in April, a single category for Single Origin coffee is too messy. You can conveniently select the region of your preference in the drop down menu or under the Single Origin category.

We're on vacation January 22. - January 28

by Benjamin Knopp

In observance of the Chinese Lunar New Year V. Coffee is taking a weeklong break. We'll be back to work on Sunday, January 29th and will dispatch all orders made on that date.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Leave a Review!

by Benjamin Knopp

Build your coffee comminity and let your fellow caffeine addicts know which coffee you enjoy! Please leave a review on the product page for others to see. If you have any problems with your order please let us know first so we can have the chance to make it right!

Thank you.

Merry Christmas from all of us at V. Coffee!

by Benjamin Knopp

Enjoy the holidays & a great start into 2012!!

Our First Organic Coffee Now Available

by Benjamin Knopp

Our first certified organic coffee is now available online. This coffee from the Copacabana Estate in Bolivia is our ultimate breakfast coffee, full bodied, balanced and sweet, and even comes at a great price! For more information visit the product page http://v-coffee.com/bolivia-copacabana-estate-organic-en.html

CS-Cart Version 2.0 released!

by Benjamin Knopp
We strive everyday to exceed our clients expectations and to offer more to CS-Cart everyday. Thus we're glad to announce the release of CS-Cart version 2.0 with much anticipated changes and upgrades. These changes include both the customer end and administrator back-end to ensure user-friendly and efficient navigation and operation for both CS-Cart owners and users!

Happy New Year to you!!!

by Benjamin Knopp
Our best wishes to you for year 2009!!!

Design Updates

by Benjamin Knopp
Our store has been through a major design update phase during the past few weeks, with the first set of changes now appearing online for public use.