Nuova Simonelli Appia

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Appia is dedicated to the bartenders that work with great volumes and that prefer efficiency and high quality performances. This machine makes part of the economical range, but was created with the same technological platform of Aurelia. Appia is distinguished for its design naturalness, optimal performance, but first of all for an excellent quality-price ratio.
Appia has the same functionality and features of our top-rated machines, such as two inox steam wands, hot water wand and raised group heads.
Appia was ergonomically designed to make the operation of the machine smooth and to minimize the physical stress of the barista.
Perfect Brewing
The SIS (Soft Infusion System) guarantees a soft and creamy espresso shot.
Along with the high quality brewing, Appia prepares creamy and velvety steamed milk with its turbocream system
Modern style, simple lines and colors that appeal to all types of local.
With its modern style and optional colors, Appia suits any type of location.