Organic Yunnan Pu'Er


China is a relative newcomer in coffee but is quickly improving it's quality, especialy in Yunnan. 

This organic coffee is one of the few with both international and Chinese organic certifications. It comes to us from a small farm called Manlao River Farms nestled in the pristine mountains of rural Yunnan. 


Bag Size:
Pu'Er, Yunnan
Catimor & Yellow Bourbon
Processing Method:
Wet Processed
1200 - 1500 m
Coffee Seed Size:
Roast Degree:
  • Full City (Medium-Dark)
We have just tried this coffee after 2 years of drinking Scuro (V Espresso) and we are swapping to these beans as they are our new favourite and they are great value. The flavour and roast is still strong and dark enough for us but ohhhh so much smoother and with less acidity than Scuro. We are using a grinder and a commercial grade coffee machine and these beans definitely have enough kick using this extraction method - milder coffee if used for a French press or drip coffee.
Freshly roasted in Shanghai, very good tasting and for a price you get nowhere else.
Best bang for your buck. Ignore the anti-Yunnan origin snobs.
Good, tasty coffee for reasonable price.
this is an excellent everyday coffee. no frills, but a great way to start the day.
fruity and refreshing cup
My favorite Coffee since 2 years!
nice and fresh tasting...i drink it every day as it is such good value. thanks guys!
Still my favorite of all, plus - it's cheap!
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