Crisply rich, dense-bodied, slightly smoky. Dark chocolate, cedar, roasted almond, a hint of flowers in aroma and small cup. Very full, dry mouthfeel. Dark chocolate carries into a rich though drying finish. Smoothes out in three parts milk; a sweet chocolate dominates with continued smoky and cedary complications.­­

Bring one of the world’s best coffees into your home. Our flagship blend has recently received a score of 91 (“outstanding”) from Coffee Review, the world’s leading coffee buying guide. Best of all, this coffee is freshly roasted in Shanghai. 

Roast Degree:
  • Full City +
great espresso. i drink this at la fourchette and now also at home. very smooth and much better than illy or lavazza.
Not terribly impressed, noted a good marshmallowness and decent balance but a little less complex than the single origins I'm used too. Prefer the yunan over this if I get a choice!
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