Single Origin Coffee Are Back at Our Cafe我们咖啡店单品咖啡从新上线

by Jacqueline Zhu

Good news!Single origin coffee beans are available at our cafe again. We will have free coffee tasting at our cafe during this weekend. Please come and enjoy one of the best coffee in the town. Furthermore, we will offer all City'super members 10% off this weekend, including all fresh roasted coffees and beverages.

好消息!我们时代广场咖啡门店从本周开始继续售卖新鲜烘焙的单品咖啡豆!本周末25日,26日为CITYSUPER超生活的会员臻享日,所有超市会员全场享受9折优惠(包括咖啡豆和咖啡饮品), 另外我们的咖啡师每整点会现场制作单品手冲咖啡供大家免费品尝。喜欢单品咖啡的小伙伴不要错过啦!周末没有安排的咖啡爱好者可以去我们店里蹲点啦,一天时间就可以让你喝遍我们店里来自世界不同产区的精品单品咖啡哦!